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Tell fellow golfers which courses are open for the 2015 season and the conditions they'll find there. Please limit posts to discussions about golf courses only, and no rates and fees.

I had a Sunday tee time at Woodbridge CC. They just called and cancelled all weekend tee times.
Dave.the Birdieman, Southbury, CT | Friday, March 27, 2015 at 1:49 pm | Email

I think last year my place opened up on March 26th. We're going to be later than that this year, but not by much and many should be open before April 1st. Somebody has got to try to open on Saturday the 28th, they'll have all the business.
Ron Caldwell, Fairfield, CT | Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 12:04 pm | Email

Can anyone remember a winter that didn't allow any courses to open until April? I vote this past winter and this current season (sprinter??) as the worst ever. Anyone remember one worse?
Vic Waldman, Milford, CT | Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 6:27 am | Email

Just a warning, GolfNow and EZ Links are selling tee times for a bunch of Connecticut courses that are not open. Oak Hills, Sterling Farms, Orange Hills, Lyman and CC Woodbridge all have times listed as available and are not open yet. So call the course before trying to book online. CC Woodbridge *might* open Saturday. If anybody can confirm a CT course opening Friday or sooner I'll kiss you. Or at least be eternally grateful.
Rick B, Bridgeport, CT | Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 8:31 pm | Email

Spring is here, if in name only. But it won't be long before CT courses begin to open. Let your fellow golfers know which courses are open by posting here. Have a great season, everyone!
Robert Samek, Kensington, CT | Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 7:01 am | Email

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